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Oasis House
Mallorca, Spain


Oasis House

Mallorca, Spain



Mathias Koester Architects

Large open plan house

in lush garden setting.


Concept Design

2019 - ongoing

Interiors                           700m2
Terraces and Pool          300m2

construction from           3.000€/m2
from                                 3.000.000€


Oasis House


The Oasis house family is designed for an inspiring inside-outside living experience, placing the nature at the central patios of the house.
Large canopies protect the largely glazed southern facades from the sun at both levels of the house and a panoramic roof terrace above allows spectacular views over the lush sourroundings.
Further on, large solar panels and pv cells on the upper roof help to further minimise the external energy consumption of these buildings.

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