G Pod 
Full Circle Living, Mallorca


G Pod

FullCircle GreenLuxury Cabins


Mathias Koester Architects


Prefabricated Cabins for

the Countryside


Production to Order

from 2020

The flexible open plan under the free spanning roof allows for a variety of internal plan layouts:

from an extra-spacious Master Suite

to a full 3 Bedroom Arrangement 


Interiors                          95m2
Terraces and Pool         140m2

construction                    2.500€/m2
from                                 375.000€




Conceived as an Easter pun in this years Covid LockDown we thought of designing an egg shaped cabin for the beautiful farmland around our "Quarantine-Finca" in Mallorca. 


The cabins open up to the spectacular mallorquin countryside while being shaded by large arc shaped canopies.

Symbolically the "full circle" cabins express their sustainable approach to the land. Build in light-weight construction and greenwalled facades the cabins further feature green and solar roofs.

As part of the "green luxury" living philosophy they each have their own infinity pool.

The gardens include small patches of farmland for growing a few local vegetables, herbs and citrus fruits.