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BIBA 2016

BIBA 2016 - Big Inspiration Book of Architecture

I guess, no big trip ever goes smoothly and unfortunately I had a rather strong reaction to the travel vaccinations and should avoid long haul flights for a few month. So Africa and Asia have to wait a little on my tour and I spend some time in Germany visiting family and friends in my hometown of Lüneburg.

Initially fairly disappointed about this break in my travel plan I quickly found new ideas to continue my research into the new world architecture and set out to create a very personal book about the architecture and design that inspires me.

It turned into a 400 pages strong catalogue of inspirational images on anything from houses to office towers and interiors to terrace and pool design and has quickly become a useful reference book for me and my clients.

So, downtime was well spend and I am looking forward to use and enjoy this book in my office for the years to come.

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