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Visiting Studio Saxe, Costa Rica

Inspiration Costa Rica

Working alongside Architect Ben Garcia Saxe and visiting several of his projects

Projects visited, among others:

I have been looking forward a lot to visit Ben and Erika and their Studio Saxe in Costa Rica.

Many years ago I designed a steel house in Saint Lucia, which then was difficult to realise in the Caribbean as the local builders much preferred to build with concrete at the time.

Since Ben has made the breakthrough using predominantly steel structures in his houses in Costa Rica, integrating them with a great lightness into the tropical settings of the rainforest.

So it was truly fantastic and inspirational to travel with Ben and Erika and their Team across Costa Rica, exploring both the natural beauty of the country as well as visiting their many now completed and still ongoing projects on site.

Thank you everyone for making it such an interesting stay. I learned a lot in this month and look forward to dedicate myself again to the great opportunities of steel construction when setting up my office after the travels.

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