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Canopy House 
Marigot Bay, Saint Lucia 


Canopy House 

Marigot Bay, Saint Lucia


Mathias Koester Architects


Ensemble of lightweigt housesoverlooking Marigot Bayand the Caribbean Ocean


Concept and Scheme design

2018 - ongoing

Interiors:           3 Bedrooms

                          200m2 total                 

                          80m2 Pool and Terrace


Canopy House


Located in the extraordinary location on the beach of Marigot Bay the project makes the most of the stunning views over the bay and out to the Caribbean Sea. It opens up quite literally with its cantilevering canopy, which provides both shade and rain shelter, creating a large covered terrace to enjoy the view at all times.

Inside the central double height space is at the heart of the house, linking it to the formal entrance, the open kitchen, the more private living lounge and the stair to the upper level and gallery.

The house has 3 bedrooms, one at groundfloor with its own terrace and two at the upper levels. They all feature spacious ensuite bathrooms overlooking the rainforest on the Marigot hillside. Despite its relatively protected location in the bay the large fabric canopy is retractable for the hurricane season and the timber structure is visibly braced for the strong winds.

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