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F l o r i p a   H o u s e
Florianopolis, Brazil


Floripa House

Florianopolis, Brazil


Mathias Koester Architects

2 Bedroom 

Jungle House

and Interiors


Concept Design



Floripa House


Nestled in the Florianopolis, a coastal gem of Brazil, lies Floripa Casa Tropical, a remarkable house harmoniously embraced by the lush of the Atlantic Forest. This house stands as a testament to the exquisite fusion of modern living and the serene beauty of nature.

Crafted to seamlessly blend with its natural surroundings, the house is a haven of tranquility and sophistication. Its open-spaces concept invites the outdoors in, erasing the boundaries between the interior and the forest. Large windows and sliding glass doors adorn the walls, ensuring that every room is bathed in the gentle sunlight filtering through the trees.

The interior of the house is a symphony of wood, paying homage to the organic elements of the landscape. The use of wood in the design not only amplifies the connection to nature but also lends a rustic elegance to the modern and simple architectural lines.

In this house, the gentle whispers of the Atlantic Forest become part of the daily rhythm, and the line between human habitation and the wilderness is blurred. It's a sanctuary where modern comfort and ecological reverence coalesce, where the beauty of the open-spaces concept and the warmth of wood converge to create a haven that is not just a house but a harmonious extension of the breathtaking environment it calls home.

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