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Full Circle Living 
Mallorca, Spain


Full Circle Living

Mallorca, Spain


Mathias Koester Architects


Circular, prefabricated,

sustainable, luxury Cabins

Full Circle Living is our autonomous living concept, connecting nature, luxury and sustainability in its full circle building structures and surrounding gardens and vineyards.


Full Circle


The circular geometry symbolises this symbiosis of seemingly contradicting notions both in their form and functions, as the
circle points back at itself, very much as the luxurious yet autonomous features of the buildings.

The spacious structures are shaded by their large canopies and the green roof has a cooling effect to the spaces below.

The green roofs also act as a water filter as all rainwater is collected and stored for the general water use as well as pool water and garden irrigation.

Electricity is generated by solar panels, partially on the main roofs and partially on separate canopies around the gardens. 

Residents and guests can experience the farm to table dining experience with handpicked fresh vegetables from the surrounding gardens, prepared in the fully equipped gourmet kitchens. 

Exquisite wines crafted from the vineyards further connect the “Full Circle Living” to its location between the sea and mountains in the Mallorquin countryside.

Initially conceived as an Easter pun in the first Covid Lock-Down we thought of designing an egg- shaped cabin for the beautiful farmland around our “Quarantine-Finca” in Mallorca. 

The cabins open up to the spectacular countryside while being shaded by large arc-shaped canopies.

Symbolically the “full circle” cabins express their sustainable approach to the land.

Build in light-weight construction and green-walled facades the cabins further feature green and solar roofs.
As part of the greenluxury living philosophy they each feature their own infinity pool with filtered and slighly salted rain water. 


Within the overall circular plan geometry, the cabins are configured as 1 to 3 bedroom accommodation.

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