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Mako Pavilions
Mallorca, Spain


Mako Pavilions

Mallorca, Spain



Mathias Koester Architects


Open plan house arranged around the
central stone wall that grounds the house
both structural and cultural.

Case Study

Interiors:           540m2 total
                          3x 180m2 per pavilion (living, sleeping, working)
                          Grid 6x6m / 6x4m, 3,3m headroom


Mako Pavilions


The Mako Pavilions combine the best of the local building materials and traditions with the latest 
technology to create bright open spaces that seemlessly extend into the sourounding nature.
The Pavillions can be combined to create different indoor and outdoor spaces. The shown proposal establishes an office towards the street

and a semi public patio as a courtyard towards the private living and sleeping areas, which in turn open towards the rear gardens and poolarea. 

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