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M o l a  R e s t a u r a n t 
Mallorca, Spain


Mola Restaurant

Mallorca, Spain

Mathias Koester Architects

Restaurant Interiors for a 

Mediterranean-Asian Fusion

Restaurant with 80 Indoor

and 40 Outdoor Seats


Concept Design



Mola Restaurant


The Mola experience extends beyond just the food. Inspired by its island origins, the restaurants ambience is a fresh composition of the land and sea.


The interiors palette dances with accents of blue and turquoise, evoking the clear, tranquil waters of the Mediterranean Sea, while the natural timber

elements and vegetation subtly remind you of Mallorca's stunning landscapes.

The large windows let in an abundance of natural light, creating an invigorating dining space that is bright, open and full of life.

As you step through the entrance, the restaurant unveils an impressive seating capacity with 80 indoor and 40 outdoor seats.

The restaurant's centrepiece is its open shop kitchen, where guests can witness the culinary magic first hand.
The open kitchen concept breaks down barriers, adding an element of theatre to the dining experience.

Watching chefs work with passion and precision, amidst the sizzle and sear, brings an exhilarating sense of anticipation and intimacy to your meal.

The generous bar area serves as another visual highlight with its light marble countertops in front of the timber walls and colour accents in its background. 


The outdoor seating area is the perfect retreat for those who wish to dine under the open skies.
Encased in lush greenery and bathed in warm ambient lighting, it exudes an almost ethereal charm, offering a relaxing dining experience that engages all the senses.

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