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Oasis Sant Cugat
Barcelona, Spain


Oasis Sant Cugat

Barcelona, Spain


Mathias Koester Architects

6 Bedroom Villas

with Oasis Gardens

and Pools


Concept Design


for construction in 2024


Oasis Sant Cugat


The Oasis villas feature ample interior spaces with up to 6 bedrooms each.
The 100m2 open living-kitchen-dining areas extend furthe
r to the southern oasis gardens with its wide terraces and long swimming pools.

The continuous ceilings of the groundfloor further enhance this feeling of uninterrupted inside-outside living, while the large 3m canopies provide shading to the outside dining areas. The Oasis garden extends from the front all around the house and creates a vivid backdrop to the central areas like the dining room and kitchen. The house entrances are also locaded in the centre where they connect to the lightweight staircase and double height
atrium of the house.

While the groundfloor enjoys the oasis garden the upper floor features striking views into the Sant Cugat Valley.

For Construction in January 2024

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