Ocean Breeze
Cap Estate, Saint Lucia


Ocean Breeze /

Mako House


Cap Estate, Saint Lucia



Mathias Koester Architects


Modular house system with flexible design sizes between 40m2 and 1200m2


Production to Order

from 2020


Interiors                           220m2
Terraces and Pool          160m2

construction                    2.000€/m2
from                                 600.000€


Ocean Breeze Mako House 


Ocean Breeze | Mako House has its origins in the Johns House Project, originally conceived for a hilly location in the north of Saint Lucia, Caribbean in 2007. At the time the first steel house on the island, local builders preferred “traditional” concrete construction despite great economical advantages of the steel solution. The original design was hence changed and build as a concrete house (at great cost). But since then the viability of the steel house has been proven and has become the new league for extraordinary houses as shown by Mathias former colleague and friend Ben Garcia Saxe in Costa Rica in his award winning steel designs. MAKO House is a steel house system that can be adapted in size and configuration to the respective site conditions and clients brief. The designs profit from large spans to achieve spacious open spaces. Construction is fast, sustainable and economical compared to similar in situ construction works.