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The Curve
Mallorca, Spain


The Curve

Mallorca, Spain


Mathias Koester Architects

4 Bedroom

Beach House Design


Concept Design and Construction


Completed 2023


The Curve


The House is designed to make the most of the spectacular views over the Bay  -
a summer favourite for yachts and boats of any scale.

The orientation of the house follows the slope of the natural terrain and points towards the Mediterranean Sea between the Eastern and Western Hills of the bay. A large curved canopy provides shade of the southern sun and creates a generous outside dining area next to the pool and the ample deck chair spaces. Despite the relatively small plot size of 1200m2 the design feels light and spacious.

The house features an infinity pool as well as generous gym and spa spaces and an outdoor chill out fire place with views over the sea.


From Sketch to Reality

Design by Mathias Koester Architects

in collaboration with Jaime Brunet and José Luis Mateos



Spaces by Mathias Koester Architects, Furniture by Terraza Balear

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