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The Seascraper
Underwater Hotel and Science Centre


The Seascraper

Underwater Hotel and Science Centre



Mathias Koester Architects

Floating underwater tower with

hotel and sea research facilities.




Interiors                           16000m2
Palza and Beaches          6000m2

for sale                    $




Build as a skyscraper upside down into the sea, the Seascaper creates a habitable link towards the lower levels of the sea and features a unique hotel with a distinctive combination of recreation and scientific facilities. Half building and half vessel, the Seascraper’s design and construction is purely driven by the aquatic forces. The circular setting out provides an effective ring structure to withstand the water pressure. The floor plates diminish in size as the water pressure rises in the lower levels. The submerged main body is stabilized by the floating ring which connects via a dampened bridge structure to ensure the vertical position of the Seascaper at all times. The main cone reaches down 400 ft. Above a glazed dome marks the top of the structure and allows light to penetrate deep into the inner atrium, which connects the public and private zones of the hotel facilities. While the hotel’s lobby, restaurant and café are situated in the levels above the sea, the conference facilities and hotel rooms are located below sea level with a view into the vivid underwater world. The surrounding ring accommodates a series of apartments with direct access to the Seascraper’s beach platforms. The Seascraper is a floating building. It can drift within the open sea, move to a different location or it can anchor to achieve a fixed position. This project defines a new challenge for today’s engineering to overcome the forces of nature and combine the knowledge of tall buildings and watercrafts to create a new experience and a new icon of advanced architecture.

Image Credits: MKA and ARCHVIZ Mallorca

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