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Sumara TopUp
Recz, Poland

Sumara TopUp

Recz, Poland

Mathias Koester Architects

Steel factory office extension

TopUp on existing office block with loft style steel extension and refined glass facades and steel shading panels





Sumara TopUp


Office Extension and Refurbishment for
Sumara Steelworks using ´self-made´ 
3D cut steel facade panels

The current office spaces of the steelwork factory are topped-up by a lightweight steel construction adding an additional level to
the premises.
The ground floor will hold refurbished staff and changing quarters as well as a canteen and seminar room, while the new offices and a conference room are planned for the upper level. 
The new interiors are designed as a com-
bination of OSB timber panels and exposed white steelwork elements. The exterior steel shading panels will be custom cut and
fabricated in the factory itself.

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